Vice President, Arizona DeMolay Foundation


With over ten years of involvement within the Arizona DeMolay organization, William McKean knows first hand the values and lessons that it teaches, and how crucial the Foundation is in ensuring that mission's success. William first joined in December of 2008 and within a year was head of local committees, managing a group of members towards three successful terms, and developing the skill set needed to succeed in the business world. From there, William moved up within the ranks and held several State positions that afforded him even more opportunities than he could have possibly imagined.


In May of 2019, William received his Bachelors of Business Administration, which made him one of the first in his family to achieve that level of education, in addition to a unique perspective that he brings to all Board decisions.


William has also managed several retail locations and saw growth in both sales and recognition while working at those companies. Today, he is working with a team in TTEC, which specializes in social media and digital marketing, working with clients both big and small as well as some freelance work with local brands and individuals in helping their businesses succeed in an increasingly online and digital space.

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