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How the Arizona DeMolay Foundation helped Chase achieve his dream of becoming DeMolay's International President, and travelling the world for a year!

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Chase began his DeMolay story in the Glendale branch of the program, where his Adult Mentors described him as a "combination of being outspoken and shy. He was a leader among the people he met in DeMolay but was shy at first to translate that to a leadership role in DeMolay itself."

Chase followed his brother, father, and grandfather to become the 4th member of his family to continue the DeMolay legacy.

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By the time Chase was 14, he had become recognized across the state as an up-and-coming leader, so much so that the Arizona DeMolay Foundation paid for Chase to attend a week-long leadership conference in Northern California to hone his leadership skills.

Chase called the conference a "turning point in his leadership abilities by giving him a desire to lead." Chase was elected as "President" of his camp group and was awarded overall "Outstanding Leader" awards!

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In July 2016, Chase was elected and inaugurated as the 88th State President for all of DeMolay in Arizona. Oddly enough, Chase became the State President exactly 30 years after his father served in the same position.

In his opening address to the members in Arizona, Chase promised a "new and innovative DeMolay, focused on helping to give back to the community as much as building leadership within it."


The Arizona DeMolay Foundation awarded Chase $13,000 to improve the DeMolay experience in Arizona.

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Chase became recognized for his hard work and dedication across the country, with many encouraging him to run for the position of International President. With the help of the Arizona DeMolay Foundation, Chase flew to Buffalo, NY for the International DeMolay Conference where he ran and was elected as the 51st International President of DeMolay International.

As the International President of DeMolay International, Chase spent the next year traveling the world on behalf of DeMolay to speak to members and open DeMolay in new countries. Chase spent time in Brazil, Paraguay, and more than half of the states during his term, traveling more than 80,000 miles through the air and numerous more on the ground.

Chase is only the second-ever to be elected as the International President from Arizona since the position's inception more than a half-century ago.

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“DeMolay changed my life, it's as simple as that. The places I traveled, the friends I made, and the confidence I gained from DeMolay will stay with me forever. There is a place for every young man in DeMolay, and I will forever be grateful for the mentors that I had and for the support of the Arizona DeMolay Foundation, who believed in me before I did.” 


Chase Gordon 

51st International President, DeMolay International

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