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Treasurer, Arizona DeMolay Foundation


Jon Schmidt joined the Arizona DeMolay Foundation Board in 2021 and brings with him an extensive background in accounting and finance. He brings to the table several years of experience and expertise in banking, institutional investing, and investment accounting. Jon also intends to use his background and experience in finance and accounting with nonprofit organizations to ensure that the young men of DeMolay in Arizona have the best opportunity to achieve success through the assistance of the Arizona DeMolay Foundation.


As well as providing his professional expertise to the Board of Directors, Jon also brings with him six years of dedicated experience working closely with the young men of DeMolay. Having served as an Advisor, as well as the Chapter Chairman of Arizona Chapter in Tucson, Jon has been essential to the growth and success of this Chapter and been a key supporter of all members of the DeMolay in Arizona. His dedication to the members of DeMolay has earned him DeMolay International’s Cross of Honor which he was awarded at the Tucson Scottish Rite in 2021.


As well as serving the young the men of DeMolay in Arizona, Jon is also an active member in the Blue Lodge of Tucson #4, as well as a member of both the Scottish Rite, and Shriners. As a member of the Arizona DeMolay Foundation Board of Directors, Jon is committed to serving the young men of DeMolay in Arizona to the best of his abilities.


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