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Robert F. Hannon


Robert F. Hannon was DeMolay in Arizona's inaugural inductee into the Hall of Fame. A giant in DeMolay history, Mr. Hannon is not only memorialized as an Inductee, but his name will be forever emblazoned on the annual check the Foundation provides to DeMolay in Arizona as a testament to his contributions.

Mr. Hannon served as the Executive Officer of DeMolay in Arizona from 1980–1986. The success he experienced guiding the leaders of Arizona allowed him to serve as the President of DeMolay International from 1988–1989. Mr. Hannon received acclaim for placing the youth leaders of DeMolay at the forefront, a mindset that inspired countless leaders in DeMolay and at the Foundation.

For years, Mr. Hannon was synonymous with DeMolay in Arizona, but his service went far beyond DeMolay. He served in leadership roles throughout the broader DeMolay community, marshaling support to DeMolay whenever called upon. For all his contributions, Mr. Hannon will forever remain a luminary in our history.

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