State President, DeMolay in Arizona

Alex Hulstrom joins the Arizona DeMolay Foundation during his year as the 93rd State President of DeMolay in Arizona. Having joined DeMolay in June of 2015, Alex quickly helped his small, up-and-coming chapter grow from 4 members to over 30. Due to his service, he rose up the chain of command, eventually becoming the President of his chapter in 2019. His exceptional DeMolay record catapulted him to a new chapter of his DeMolay Career, serving as a State Officer. 

Having spent time as a State Officer, Alex now embarks on his year of service as the State President of DeMolay in Arizona. He hopes to help continue a strong resurgence post-COVID, providing events to get young men back to normal DeMolay operations while also offering programs to boost membership and help others get back into the world. 


Besides his time in DeMolay, Alex is continuing his education at Mesa Community College where he looks to earn a degree in business or forestry to explore the path of entrepreneurship by starting a yard care business. He also has been active outside of DeMolay earning his Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts, and his State Degree in Future Farmers of America. Alex brings his entrepreneurial spirit or strong service track record to the Foundation to help it execute its mission in support of his programs this year.