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State President, DeMolay in Arizona

Alex joins the Arizona DeMolay Foundation during his year as the 95th State President of DeMolay in Arizona.. After joining DeMolay in 2018, Alex now joins a long line of DeMolay State Presidents to represent DeMolay in Arizona's interests to the Foundation, and he plays a critical role in keeping the Foundation up-to-date on how it can support its young leaders.

Alex has been a committed member to his own Chapter, Arizona Chapter, located in Tucson. He served two terms as President of the Chapter, was instrumental in bringing in many new members, and still assists current Presidents to this day. Upon the completion of his second term as Chapter President, he helped his Chapter receive one of DeMolay's most coveted, meritorious service awards.

Alex is excited to bring the Foundation his spirit and drive to keep DeMolay in Arizona as one of the best jurisdictions in the world.

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