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William Gordon

CEO, DeMolay in Arizona Program


Joining the Board in 2014, William Gordon represents the interests of the Arizona DeMolay State Association as an Ex Officio Director of the Board of Directors, and an essential member of its leadership team.

William works as a Regional Vice President for the Southwestern United States coordinating insurance operations with annual budgets between $4 million and $20 million dollars, and he brings a wealth of knowledge with financial research as a previous inspector for fraud for another assortment of multi-million dollar firms.

William has operated the DeMolay program in Arizona since 2014, where he instituted new policies that have brought life to the program itself. William has overseen the election of two International DeMolay Presidents, an International Secretary, played host to three DeMolay International conferences, and improved Arizona in the international membership standings from 20th overall to in the top 15 internationally.


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