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William Gordon

CEO, DeMolay in Arizona Program


William joined the Board in 2014 as an Ex-Officio Director representing DeMolay in Arizona as its CEO. In 2023, after over nine years at the helm of DeMolay in Arizona, he remains a key member as the President of the Arizona DeMolay Foundation Community Initiative, the Foundation's subsidiary Qualifying Charitable Organization.

William works as a Regional Vice President for the Southwestern United States coordinating insurance operations with annual budgets between $4 million and $20 million dollars, and he brings a wealth of knowledge with financial research as a previous inspector for fraud for another assortment of multi-million dollar firms.

After William
 led DeMolay in Arizona to one of the top international jurisdictions by membership, he ascended to become the Junior Associate Vice President of DeMolay International in 2023. He serves on DeMolay International's Board of Directors

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