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Frankie Ciampa

How the Arizona DeMolay Foundation helped Frankie gain the leadership experience he needed on his way to attending the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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The Call of



After learning about DeMolay in Arizona from a pamphlet his father gave him, Frankie joined the surging Cochise Chapter, where he was quickly noted by the adult volunteers as "credible and ambitious."

Frankie's dream was to pursue a career in the military, so his adult mentors sent him to Advanced Leadership Training in Northern California with the Foundation's backing. It was there that Frankie boosted his confidence and gained the desire "to become a great leader."

Frankie 1


His Potential

Arriving back from Northern California, Frankie worked closely with his Adult Mentor, Brian, a former Foundation Director, who coached him through the development of his plan for his upcoming term as Cochise Chapter's President.

Frankie called this an "eye-opening event because for the first time in my life I was given responsibility over a group of other people -- the success of the Chapter was left completely up to me."  


With this new responsibility, Frankie and his DeMolay Chapter flourished, inducting more members in six months than in the previous year.

Frankie 2

Expanding His



With a former Foundation Director guiding his development, Frankie successfully completed his tenure as Chapter President, though he wished to do much more. The experience "was by far the most impactful" on his development as a leader.

With a chance to apply his leadership and make a difference, Frankie looked toward his career by assisting his local Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit.

DeMolay's impact quickly garnered Frankie the command of his 250 cadet Corps, providing him another experience as a servant leader to pursue his dream of serving the United States.

Frankie 3

The United States

Military Academy

Frankie's tenure with his Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, his time as the captain of his school's Track and Field team, and his leadership experience with DeMolay in Arizona made Frankie quite the accomplished high school graduate. 

With his dream to serve as an officer in the United States Armed Forces, Frankie received the United States Senator Martha McSally's nomination to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

After successfully gaining entrance into West Point, Frankie began courses in the Fall of 2019 and has plans to attend numerous trips and training programs including Airborne School and competitive trips to foreign countries.

From humble beginnings through DeMolay in Arizona and with the Foundation's help, Frankie is now on a career path of service to his country.

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Frankie 5
Frankie 6


“DeMolay is one of the few organizations worldwide that truly allows the freedom to experience leadership independent from adult intervention. It allows us to practice planning skills, public speaking, and improve upon the social skills necessary to succeed as an adult. It is freedom gently guided by adult mentors that transforms us into young men. I am forever grateful to DeMolay in Arizona for this and will carry its lessons with me for the rest of my life."


Frankie Ciampa

Cadet, United States Military Academy at West Point

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