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Jared Replogle

How the Arizona DeMolay Foundation helped Jared find friends, acceptance, and purpose that inspired him to give back to the next generation of DeMolay.

Follow His Timeline!

Bowling Into a



In 2012, Jared self-described himself as a "kid who was alone in the crowd" of his middle school. That was until two of his friends, both DeMolay, invited Jared to a bowling event one weekend. Not knowing what to expect, Jared accepted the offer.

After finding many new friends, Jared had successfully bowled his way into a future in DeMolay in Arizona, with friends whom he formed "deep bonds" with.

Jared's newfound friendships were noticed by his parents, who felt like DeMolay made their son a completely different person.

Jared 1

From Friendship

to Leadership

Quickly becoming a popular figure and friend in Glendale Chapter, Jared also found responsibilities coming his way through committee appointments and a successful tenure as the Chapter's secretary. Throughout this process, Jared learned deadline and task management skills that he had never had before.

To Jared, "it felt good to contribute" in these jobs, and while he did not know it then, these experiences would propel Jared's future DeMolay career at the state and international levels.

By 2016, Jared became Glendale Chapter's President and served with distinction, cementing himself as one of DeMolay in Arizona's premier leaders.

Jared 2


a Mentor

In 2017, Jared was elected and inaugurated the 89th State President for all of DeMolay in Arizona. To Jared, becoming the President was "totally different than anything I've ever felt before." The Arizona DeMolay Foundation gave Jared $14,000 to improve the DeMolay in Arizona experience.

But for Jared, the experience to become "everyone's big brother" was most important. Having needed DeMolay when he was younger, he was prepared and hopeful that he could help others find the same acceptance.

Advisors often remarked that the 19-year-old Jared "was unmatched in his ability to befriend and help today's youth."

Jared 3

Paying it Forward


Jared's tenure as State President ended in July 2018 after one of the most successful tenures on record. Using this as momentum, Jared decided to run for the position of International Secretary, narrowly losing in a three-man race.

But for Jared, defeat was not the end. For the next year, Jared traveled across DeMolay in Arizona, providing expertise, growing the DeMolay experience, and, most importantly, being a friend and mentor to the young men he met.

In Kansas City, MO in June 2019, with another chance at International Secretary, Jared entered his name into the race and became DeMolay in Arizona's third-ever International Officer, and its first International Secretary.

With a $1,000 grant for travel and program expenses from the Foundation, Jared finally had the opportunity to pay forward the acceptance he found in DeMolay to young men worldwide.

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Jared 5
Jared 6


"DeMolay has surrounded me with role models, positive influences, and true friends. I don't just have thousands of friends, but I have the chance to be a friend, leader, and mentor to young men all over the world. I'm thankful for the Arizona DeMolay Foundation for supporting my efforts and continuing to provide companionship for youth across the state."


Jared Replogle

53rd International Secretary, DeMolay International

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